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Benefits of Sports Massage

What is Sports Massage Therapy?

It is targeted to sports fitness, to help reduce the demands of sports on the body and increase performance. In many cases, specializations are defined by the techniques that are utilized. But, when we dig a bit deeper and look at the techniques used in sports massage, there are no magic bullets. The same techniques that are utilized in other types of massage are used in sports massage but applied to a specific population.

All athletes – whether in high school or college sports or adults who have a strong conviction for their workouts and daily health should understand the value of this phrase:



It is the word RESTORE that we focus on at Health Thru Massage – helping to reduce the demands of sports on the body through our massage techniques.


Parents of teens that are active in sports should recognize these demands on growing bodies and the necessity of instilling good healthy restorative practices – before injuries occur.

Active adults too – will come to rely on massage’s many benefits and enjoy health into their later years.


Let Health Thru Massage become a part of you and your loved ones health regimes.