Health Thru Massage | A Testimonial and Praise with a Little Perspective:
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A Testimonial and Praise with a Little Perspective:

A Testimonial and Praise with a Little Perspective:

Michele Cappellano is always strengthening her skills as a practitioner. A few weeks ago, she took a trip to Maui where she spent time with David Williams of Ashtanga Yoga for Life. David reflects on his recent experince with Michele as follows:


From World Renowned Yoga Instructor David Willams, Maui, Hawaii

“I have practiced yoga daily for 46 years.

In 1971, I received the “full treatment” in a Turkish bath in Istanbul. My mind was opened to the benefits of bodywork. I have been to over 60 countries and pursued bodywork in many of them. I have experienced every imaginable treatment and more.
I just spent a week with Michele Cappellano I recognize and honor Michele as a master bodyworker. Her full body treatment was deep and thorough. Her sensitivity was spot on. She went deep, but never to the point where I contracted. From me, that is the ultimate praise.
Yoga this morning felt even more wonderful after Michele’s treatment. I am already looking to our next session.”

Maui, Hawaii